Where Are the Top IT Consultants Hiding?


Short-term IT consultants and contractors are essential for successful retail IT projects. The pace of change in retail is rapid, and hiring subject matter experts for a long- or short-term basis facilitates the agility that companies need in order to stay competitive. However, many organizations struggle to access reliable consultants with the right skills and experience at the pace they need to keep their projects fully staffed. It’s difficult enough to find full-time talent. When you add consulting needs to the mix, hiring teams can spend weeks, if not months, spinning their wheels and continuing to come up short. Just where are top IT consultants hiding, and how can you ensure a steady pipeline to keep projects running smoothly?

How to Instantly Access a Flourishing Talent Pipeline

If you struggle to find retail IT consultants and contractors, the problem is not necessarily the market. An effective consulting hiring strategy is an intricate puzzle that balances effective recruiting against the constraints of timing. You might find your ideal consultant for a project only to discover they are booked for the next six months. Conversely, it can seem like anyone who is available on demand doesn’t quite meet your needs.

This balancing act can be extremely frustrating. It could take your internal hiring team years to cultivate relationships with talented contractors to build an effective pipeline. However, there is a way to tap into a flourishing network of retail IT consulting talent that meets your needs at any given time. The key is to partner with a retail IT recruiter who focuses on consulting engagements.

These recruiters have spent years building relationships with professionals and SMEs who have elected to make a career out of consulting. They enjoy the benefits and flexibility of consulting, and they trust their recruiter to keep their calendar filled with assignments that align with their skills and talents. Partnering with a specialized recruiter shortens hiring cycles, improves matches and provides ongoing access to a variety of skills, ensuring your teams can access the professional consultants they need, when they need them.

To Achieve Success, Partner With the Best

Not all retail IT recruiters are the same. If you want to improve processes for hiring subject matter experts, you have to work with a company that understands the unique environment that is retail IT.

If you are looking for highly skilled retail IT specialists for short-term projects, partner with the team at Verity Retail Solutions. We are a leader in retail tech recruiting and have developed an effective process for locating top-tier talent for our clients; talent who stimulates innovation and creativity. Learn more about that process and how we can help you attract the talent you need by contacting us today.

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