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What Happens When You Hire the Wrong Consultant?

Companies hire retail IT consultants for a variety of reasons. Whether seeking special skills, staffing a specific project, supplementing the existing team or any reason, the right consultant can add real value to your team. However, there are several things that can go wrong when hiring consultants, and the wrong choice can lead to significant… Read more »

IT Consultants: Ace Your Next Interview

Interviewing doesn’t come easily to every IT consultant, even though you probably do it several times a year. However, there are some important steps you can take to ace your next interview. Be Honest About Your Strengths and Weaknesses It’s tempting to downplay or even ignore talking about weakness in an interview, but honesty is… Read more »

Where Are the Top IT Consultants Hiding?

Short-term IT consultants and contractors are essential for successful retail IT projects. The pace of change in retail is rapid, and hiring subject matter experts for a long- or short-term basis facilitates the agility that companies need in order to stay competitive. However, many organizations struggle to access reliable consultants with the right skills and… Read more »

The Importance of Data in Retail IT

Big data was supposed to make decision making easy, right? Retailers would no longer have to guess, they could simply consult the data and know what action to take next. While data has made certain things much clearer, many retailers would argue that decision making is no easier than it was before big data. Plenty… Read more »

Why You Need to Take a Recruiter’s Call

There are relatively few people who enjoy receiving unsolicited phone calls or emails. In fact, it can be extremely stressful to field incoming messages from people we don’t know. But if you are an experienced retail IT professional, it’s worth it to pick up the phone or click “reply” when a recruiter reaches out. A… Read more »

The Value of Work-Life Balance for IT Employers

In today’s culture, finding work-life balance can often feel like a quest for the Holy Grail for IT professionals. The high demands of the job mean the tech staff is often the first in the door, the last to leave and the most likely to be working after hours. People who have managed to strike… Read more »

Why You Need SMEs on Your Project

Hiring top tech talent for your retail IT project does not always mean you have to take on additional full-time staff. Working with consultants and contractors who have highly-specialized experience can help ensure project success and efficiency. These professionals deliver the exact skills and talent you need for your specific projects. Shorter Time to Hire… Read more »

What’s New in Mobile Retail?

According to The Future of E-Commerce: The Road to 2026, mobile-enabled sales are projected to reach $2.05 billion by the year 2020. The report predicts that smartphones will soon support the entire shopping journey from product searches to comparisons, recommendations and payments. So as shoppers become more reliant on mobile, what are retailers doing to… Read more »

Writing a Retail IT Resume Fit to Highlight Your Consultant Experiences

Retail IT consulting is an exciting career choice. It exposes you to a variety of employers, work environments and projects, which can make for an impressive resume. Unfortunately, it also makes for a long resume. After just five years of consulting, you could have a resume that would put War and Peace to shame. However,… Read more »

Tech Trends Impacting Retail: Cloud Computing

Retailers of all sizes are taking advantage of cloud computing to expand services into new markets, reduce IT costs and manage systems. These benefits are nothing new, however. Businesses in all sectors take advantage of the cloud, but in what specific ways is cloud computing making a significant impact on retail? Creating a Better Customer… Read more »